How to Install Google Wallet on Galaxy S4! [MOD]

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Google Wallet is a great app that allows you to use your Galaxy S4's NFC to open certain apps, share files, and even pay for your groceries! For some reason Google Wallet isn't supported for the Galaxy S4's. 

Using this guide you will be able to use Google Wallet on your Galaxy S4 T-Mobile SGH-M919, AT&T SGH-I337, Verizon SCH-I545, and Sprint SPH-L720!

Make sure your Galaxy S4 is rooted and has a custom recovery installed (CWM/TWRP)

If you have Google Wallet installed on your Galaxy S4 make sure you uninstall it before continuing!

1. Download Root Browser from the Play Store then navigate to "system" > "build.prop" > "RB Text Editor".

2. Change "ro.product.model", "", and "ro.product.device". Make sure you grant root access if asked!

Change it to the Galaxy Nexus build prop and save. 

ro.product.model=Galaxy Nexus 

3. Download ONE of the TWO files depending on your Galaxy S4. If your running on TouchWiz download the TW version and if you running on AOSP download the AOSP version using the link below.

Download TouchWiz Version:

Download AOSP (Pure Android) Version:

4. Enter your phone into Recovery Mode. Power off your phone then press the volume up, home button and power button. When you phone vibrates ONLY let go of the power button. 

5. Navigate to "install zip from sdcard" > "choose zip from sdcard" > "0/". Then locate and install the file you just downloaded (step 3). If you downloaded the file directly to your phone it will be located in your "download" folder. 

6. Once the installation is complete choose "+++++Go Back+++++" and then "reboot system now". 

7. You will now have both Google Wallet and Xposed Installer installed on your phone. Open Xposed Installer and select "Install/Update" then "Reboot". Make sure you grant root access if asked!

8. Now download and install "com.modaco.xposed.wallet.apk" app using the link below. If you don't know how to install an app/having difficulties watch the video guide located at the top of the article. 

Download com.modaco.xposed.wallet.apk

9. Go into Xposed Installer app again and under the Modules tab check mark "Google Wallet Root and Region Check Remover". 

10. Reboot your phone again. 

11. Now open the Google Wallet app and set up your phone. Make sure your NFC is enabled via Settings or Google Play will not work!

12. Now go back to "build.prop" and we're going to edit it back to the original names. 

Original T-Mobile Galaxy S4 build.prop

Original AT&T Galaxy S4 build.prop


Original Verizon Galaxy S4 build.prop

Original Sprint Galaxy S4 build.prop


13. Reboot your phone for the last time and you are done! 

Credits - XDA
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