How to Root LG G3!

How to Root LG G3 on Windows Video:

How to Root LG G3 on Mac/Linux/Ubuntu Video:

The LG G3 is out and that means one thing, time to get that phone rooted! This guide will show you a step-by-step guide, both written (below) and in a video format (above) on how to root the LG G3 for Windows, Mac, and Linux/Ubuntu. 

The overall process is simple and only takes a few hits of the enter key to get your LG G3 rooted literally within minutes. Be sure to check the list below and to confirm that your LG G3 is able to be rooted!

This root guide is compatible with: 
  • AT&T D850 (10D) LG G3
  • T-Mobile D851 (10C) LG G3
  • Korean F400L (10A/B) LG G3
  • Korean F400S (10A/B) LG G3
  • Korean F400K (10A/B) LG G3
  • Open D855 (10E/F/G) LG G3
  • European D855 (10A) LG G3
If you don't know your model number or firmware version go into Settings > General > About phone > Software information. Look at the last 3 characters of Build number to see if your phone is compatible.

This root guide will NOT wipe your phone, but backup your phone just in case!!

Now let's get the LG G3 rooted!

Follow the guide below to root the LG G3 on Windows, Mac, Linux/Ubuntu.

1. Go into Settings > General > About phone >Software information > tap on "Build number" for about 8 times until it says "You are now a developer". 

2. Go back into Settings > General > Developer options and check mark USB debugging. 

3. Plug in your LG G3 to your computer via microUSB. 

4. Pull down your notification shade > tap on "Media device (MTP) > and select "Send images (PTP)".

5. Download using the download link below. 

Skip step 6 if you're on Mac/Linux/Ubuntu

6. Open Device Manager by using the start search. You should see "ADB Interface". Click on the small triangle tab and you should see "AndroidNet Sooner Single ADB Interface". 

If you don't see that exact text then download and install LG G3 drivers using the link below. 

7. Unzip

8. Open up PurpleDrake-Lite folder and follow the text below depending on what computer OS you have. 

Double click on "purpledrake_windows.bat" 

Double click on "purpledrake_osx.command"

Right click on "" > Properties > Permissions > check mark "Allow executing file as program". Now double click on "" and choose "Run in Terminal". 

9. Press enter then look at your LG G3 screen. "Allow USB debugging?" will pop up, select "OK". If this happens more than once keep tapping on "OK".

Tip:  If you get stuck with "Waiting for device..." for more than 5 minutes close the program and relaunch it. 

10. It will now show you your phone info, press enter to continue. 

11. It will show "Press [enter] to continue..." again. Press enter. 

12. One last time, it will show "Press [enter] to continue..." press enter. Your phone will now reboot. 

13. Head to the Play Store and install the SuperSU app. Your LG G3 is now officially rooted! 

You can check that you are rooted by installing a root app like Titanium Backup and see if you get SuperSU/Superuser request. If you do then you are confirmed rooted!

Credits - XDA
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