How to Root Galaxy S5! | Recovery + Root

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This is a step-by-step guide to root the Galaxy S5. This process will install PhilZ Touch Recovery and install SuperSU to get root access. Rooting the Galaxy S5 has a lot of benefits like the ability to install custom ROMS like CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, AOKP. You can also use great apps like Titanium Backup that allows you to backup and restore app + app data! 

This root guide will work with all variants including:
SM-G900F International Galaxy S5 
SM-G900T T-Mobile Galaxy S5
SM-G900P Sprint Galaxy S5
SM-G900T1 Metro PCS Galaxy S5
SM-G900R4 US Cellular Galaxy S5
SM-G900W8 Canadian Galaxy S5
SM-G900M South AmericaMiddle East Galaxy S5

Note: Backup any important information (music, movies, documents) before continuing! 

1. Plug in your phone via microUSB 3.0 or 2.0. If you have a 2.0 cable use it. Plug the USB end to the computer. 

2. Download using the link below. 

3. Transfer to your Galaxy S5 (you can choose your internal or external storage. I personally prefer the internal storage).
Don't unzip it, transfer the zip file! 

4. Enter your phone into "Download Mode". Power off your phone then press 
the volume down, home button and power button.

5. You should now see "Warning". Press the volume up button to continue. 

6. Download and PhilZ Touch Recovery using the links below.

Download PhilZ Touch Recovery
7. Unzip and run odin3 v1.85.exe.

8. You should see a yellow box in the left side of odin, if you don't then install the Samsung USB driver, reboot computer, and run odin. 

9. Uncheck "Auto Reboot".

10. Click on "PDA" and locate/select "philz_touch_6.26.6-klte.tar.md5".

11. Click on "Start", this will only take a few seconds. 

12. Odin will show "PASS!" in green. Congrats you now have PhilZ Touch Recovery installed, but we still need to root our device (get SuperSU access). 

13. Now unplug your phone and enter into recovery mode. 
Press and hold the volume up, home button and power button all at the same time. Keeping holding for about 15 seconds. 

You should now see a pink/purple interface. 

14. Select "Install Zip".

15. Now select "Choose zip from /sdcard". 

16. Locate, select it, and choose "yes". 

17. We're almost done! Select any key at the bottom of the screen, choose "+++++Go Back++++++", and tap on "Reboot System Now".

18. You should now have SuperSU installed and in your app drawer. Open up the app and select "Ok" when asked to disable KNOX. 

18. You are done! Your Galaxy S5 is completely rooted and has PhilZ Touch Recovery installed so you can use apps like Titanium Backup and also install custom ROMS like CyanogenMod if you choose to! 

Q: Odin still doesn't show the yellow box, even after installing the Samsung USB driver
A: Change to a USB 2.0 cable if possible, change USB cable, use a USB 2.0 port, and if those suggestions don't work try a different computer. 

Q: After tapping on "Reboot System Now" the recovery asks me if I want to disable recovery. 
A: Select "Yes" to disable recovery. 

Credits - Chainfire & PhilZ Touch Recovery
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