How to Reset Binary / Flash Counter on Galaxy S4! - Triangle Away App

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With the latest Samsung flagship devices whenever you flash a custom firmware your phone automatically triggers a flash counter letting Samsung know you modified your Galaxy S4 device. Even if you try to unroot your phone the counter will still stay their. 

But, with the Triangle Away app made by Chainfire you set the counter back to 0! 

Currently the Triangle Away app supports the Galaxy S4 GT-i9505, T-Mobile SGH-M919, AT&T SGH-I337, Verizon SCH-I545, Sprint SPH-L720, US Cellular SCH-R970, and Canada SGH-I337M. Currently it DOES NOT support the GT-i9500!

If you are attempting this on a AT&T or Verizon Galaxy S4 you need to have an unlocked bootloader!

You MUST be running on stock Samsung Kernel and rooted!!

1. Download Triangle Away app using the link below from the XDA forums directly to your phone. 

Download Triangle Away App

2. Install the app (the file is located in your "Download" folder). If you run into "App Blocked" problems watch the video guide at the top of the article. 

3. Open up "Triangle Away" and grant SuperUser permission once asked. 

4. Tap "Continue" to confirm your correct Galaxy S4 model number. 

5. You can now see you flash counter status. Now select "Reset flash counter".

6. Select "Continue" > "Continue". This will reboot you into Download Mode. 

7. Once you see "Downloading..." on the screen press the power button for 10 seconds until the screen shuts off. 

8. You phone will automatically turn back into the Triangle Away reset flash counter mode. 

9. Press the volume up to reset counter and status. 

10. After a few seconds it will say "Done!". 

11. Now you can press the volume up and reboot your phone. You are now done! 

If you enter into "Download Mode" it will show "Current Binary: Samsung Official" and "System Status: Official".

Credits - XDA
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