How to Install a Custom ROM on Galaxy S4!

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This guide will show you step by step on how to install a custom ROM on your Galaxy S4. For my custom recovery i'm going to be using ClockworkMod Recovery, but if your using TWRP the steps will be similar. 

PLEASE make a Nandroid backup before installing a custom ROM! 

Great places for custom ROMS, just select "Android Development" or "Original Android Development":

Some custom ROMS require you to install Gapps (Google Apps) after flashing the custom ROM! Read the developers directions before flashing! 

1. Download a custom ROM directly to your phone or to your computer and then transfer it to your phone. In my example i'm going to get installing CyanogenMod 10.1. This ROM also required Gapps. 

2. Enter your phone in Recovery Mode. Turn off your phone then press the volume up, home button, and power button. Once your phone vibrates ONLY let go of the power button. 

3. Select "Wipe data/factory reset" and then "Yes". NOTE: This will delete information on your phone, apps, call logs, settings, messages, etc. 

4. Then choose "Wipe cache partition".  

5. After that go into "Advanced". 

6. Then select "Wipe dalvik cache". After that select "+++++Go Back+++++". 

7. Choose "Install zip from sdcard" > "choose zip from sdcard".

8. Select "0/".

9. Locate the ROM you download/transfered on your phone in step 1 and select it then choose "Yes". 

10. If your ROM required Gapps (like mine) select "choose zip from sdcard" and locate the Gapps package and install it by selecting "Yes". 

12. Once complete choose "+++++Go Back+++++" > "Reboot now". 

Wait for about 5 minutes for your phone to reboot and you are now on a custom ROM! Enjoy flashing TONS of ROMS, BUT BE CAREFUL!!

Q: After flashing a custom ROM i'm stuck on the boot loop, what do I do?
A: Preform steps 3-6 again. 
Q: What is Gapps?
A: Gapps stands for Google Apps, some ROMS require you to install this package after the custom ROM to get Gmail, Play Store, Hangout, ect. 
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