How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy Nexus! [GSM,Verizon,Sprint] [Windows]

ClockworkMod Recovery is essential in getting the full experience out of your Android device. ClockworkMod Recovery lets you install custom roms, root your device, and lets your flash updates/ fixes. ClockworkMod Recovery lets you access and enjoy your phone in a new way and best of all it doesn't void you phone's warranty. 

Click Here on how to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy Nexus for Mac 

This will delete EVERYTHING on your phone!
Make sure you have correct drivers installed - Here

1. Plug in your phone to your computer via microUSB

2. Download Galaxy Nexus Toolkit here:

--> Download Galaxy Nexus ToolKit v7.8.0.exe
3. You have options for GSM Unlocked, GSM USA, CDMA LTE Verizon, and CDMA LTE Sprint. Find the correct category for your phone.

4. In the subcategory you will see Android version and build number. To find the correct version and build number go into "Settings" on your phone then all the way down to "About Phone". You will see Android version and build number.

5. Select the correct number on the toolkit and tap enter

6. Select "Unlock Bootloader" number and tap enter

7. Type "Yes" and eneter

8. It will now say "waiting for device". We are going to enter into bootloader mode. Make sure you phone is unplugged. Power off your phone then hold down all three buttons until you see "Start" on the screen. 

9. Plug you phone in the computer ( you computer should detect your phone as long as you have the correct drivers install, if you don't then look at the top of the page to the link on how to install the correct drivers}

10. On your phone screen you will see the "Yes" and "No" option. Press the volume up button and Power button to select "Yes"

11. Return back to the main menu and select 6 to "Flash Custom Recovery Touch or TWRP Touch" 

12. Choose "1" to select,  "Flash ClockworkMod Touch Recovery". 

13. It will say completed and it will return bac to the main menu

Q: When I enter into ClockworkMod Recovery I see a dead Android with his chest open.
A: Check out this guide to fix it up: Here

Want to know how to enter into ClockworkMod Recovery Mode? 
Power off, hold down the volume up, volume down, and power button until you see the start screen. Press the volume up button 2 times to see "Recovery Mode". Press the power button to enter into ClockWorkMod Recovery Mode.
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