Galaxy S6/S6 Edge FAQ:

Root Galaxy S6/S6 Edge:
Follow this guide to root Galaxy S6/S6 Edge!

Rooting the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge allows you to use root apps like Titanium Backup and even flash custom ROMS like CyanogenMod and Paranoid Android. 

Currently Supports:

International SM-G920I Galaxy S6
International SM-G920F Galaxy S6
AT&T SM-G920A Galaxy S6
Verizon SM-G920V Galaxy S6
T-Mobile SM-G920T Galaxy S6
Sprint SM-G920P Galaxy S6
US Cellular SM-G920R4 Galaxy S6

International SM-G925F Galaxy S6 Edge
China SM-G9250 Galaxy S6 Edge
Verizon SM-G925V Galaxy S6 Edge
AT&T SM-G925A Galaxy S6 Edge
T-Mobile SM-G925T Galaxy S6 Edge
Sprint SM-G925P Galaxy S6 Edge
Canadian SM-G925W8 Galaxy S6 Edge

If you want a guide to root and install TWRP Recovery follow this guide: How to Root Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge! [TWRP Recovery + Root]

Unroot Galaxy S6/S6 Edge:

Use this guide to unroot and restore the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge back to stock: How to Unroot Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge!

Unrooting the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge will:

  • Remove any sign of root, custom ROMS, or modding.
  • Restore your phone back to complete stock (just like the day you first bought it)
  • Allow you to send the phone back to your carrier/Samsung without voiding your warranty.