Galaxy S5 FAQ:

Rooting Guides: 

This guide will root any quad core Galaxy S5 including: 

SM-G900F International Galaxy S5 
SM-G900T T-Mobile Galaxy S5
SM-G900P Sprint Galaxy S5
SM-G900T1 Metro PCS Galaxy S5
SM-G900R4 US Cellular Galaxy S5
SM-G900W8 Canadian Galaxy S5
SM-G900M South America & Middle East Galaxy S5

Unrooting/Unbricking Guide: 

How to unroot/unbrick the Galaxy S5 will allow you to completely remove any sign of root including going back to stock, removing custom recovery, and making the Galaxy S5 look like the day you first got it. 

Custom Recovery (ClockworkMod / TWRP) Guides:

How to install TWRP custom recovery on rooted Galaxy S5 - Very easy to install TWRP and without a computer as long as your Galaxy S5 is rooted.

How to do a Nandroid Backup - I HIGHLY recommend you at least do a Nandroid Backup of your "stock"  Android ROM so if anything goes wrong while your installing a custom ROM you always have a backup! 

Learn how to install a custom ROM! - Take your phone to a new level by learning how to install custom ROMS.