How to Install Custom ROMS using Safestrap on Galaxy Note 3!

With the AT&T SM-N900A and Verizon SM-N900V Galaxy Note 3s having a locked bootloader the entire Android development was completely dead, until the release of Safestrap Recovery. Using Safestrap Recovery you can install custom ROMS even with the Galaxy Note 3 having a locked bootloader. 

The Safestrap Recovery creates new "virtual" partitions slots where you can install custom ROMS, completely bypassing the whole bootloader process and essentially creating its own "ecosystem" to install ROMS and other flash zip files from! 

To make things ever better this custom recovery allows you to boot multiple ROMS too! You have the option to install as many as 4 custom ROMS all on your Galaxy Note 3 and switch between them whenever you feel like it! 

Follow the guide below to install ROMS on AT&T or Verizon Galaxy Note 3 using Safestrap Recovery!

Note: Your Galaxy Note 3 needs to be rooted, follow one of these guides to root the AT&T or Verizon Galaxy Note 3.

1. Download the Safestrap APK directly to your AT&T or Verizon Galaxy Note 3 using the links below. 

Download Safestrap APK for AT&T SM-N900A Galaxy Note 3
Download Safestrap APK for Verizon SM-N900V Galaxy Note 3
2. Using a file manager application, like ES File Explorer navigate to the downloads folders and tap on the Safestrap APK and install it. 

If your denied access you need to go into Settings and check mark "Unknown Sources" then try again. 

3. Now open up the Safestrap app and grant Superuser request. 

4. Select "Install Recovery" and the app will install the custom Safestrap Recovery for the Galaxy Note 3. 

5. Reboot your Note 3 and you will see 2 options pop up. Boot into "RECOVERY" or "CONTINUE", tap on "RECOVERY".

6. After you entered into Safestrap Recovery you will see similar options to TWRP like "Install", "Backup" and "Wipe". 

7. Before continuing you should make a "Backup" of your stock ROM that you can restore to later just in case something goes wrong when you flash a custom ROM. 

To do this select "Backup" and it will save the file in /TWRP/backup. 

8.  Now we're going to create virtual partitions so we can start installing custom ROMS. 

Tap on "Boot Options" and select any of the slots on the left side of the screen. I'm going to select "ROM-Slot-1" for obvious reasons. 

You can install it over the stock ROM, but you really shouldn't! 

9. Now you have the options to change the size of the system, data, and cache partitions. 

You should leave everything the same except the "Data partition size". Change the size depending on how much room you need including future app installation space and other personal content. 

10. Now tap on "Create ROM Slot". This will create your virtual partition for your Galaxy Note 3. 

11. When complete "ROM-Slot-1" should now be highlighted, indicating that "ROM-Stock-1" is going to boot up. 

Now we need to install a custom ROM. 

12. Go back to the main menu and choose "Wipe". 

13. Now tap on "Install" on the main menu and locate the ROM you want to install and select it. Slide your finger to confirm the installation. 

14. Once complete tap on "Reboot System" and your Galaxy Note 3 will boot into the new custom ROM you just installed!

Credits - AT&T and Verizon
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