How to Root Galaxy Note 3!

This guide will show you how to root the Galaxy Note 3. This will work for the Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005, SM-N900 Octa-core, SM-N900T T-Mobile, SM-N900P Sprint, SM-N900W8 
Canadian, and SM-N900S Korean. 

Rooting your Galaxy Note 3 gives you a lot of benefits like removing bloatware, using root apps like Titanium Backup, and even installing custom ROMS to help give you exclusive features and significantly speed up your phone! 

Use this guide below to root the Galaxy Note 3!

1. Enter your phone into "Download Mode". Power off your phone then press the volume down, home button and power button at the same time. When the phone vibrates ONLY let go of the power button. 

2. You should now see "Warning". Press the volume up button to continue. 

3. Plug in your phone via microUSB and the other end to your Windows computer. 

4. Download Samsung USB driversSuperSU, and Odin.

5. Install Samsung USB drivers.

6. Download ClockworkMod or TWRP recovery using the link below. 

Download ClockworkMod (CWM)/TWRP Here

7. Go into the Odin folder and open "Odin3 v.1.85" application. 

8. Make sure that a yellow bar shows up the on the left side of Odin. And only "Auto-Reboot" and "F. Reset Time" is checked marked! 

9. Then select "PDA" and locate the ClockworkMod/TWRP Recovery tar file that you downloaded in step 6.

10. Select "Start" and in a few seconds Odin should say "Pass" and your phone will reboot. 

11. Once your phone reboots transfer "" to your phone. 

12. Power off your phone. Press the volume up, home button and power button 

all at the same time. Once your phone vibrates ONLY let go of your power button.

13. You should now be in ClockworkMod/TWRP mode.

14. Select "install zip from sdcard" for ClockworkMod and "Install" for TWRP.

15. Then "choose zip from sdcard" > "0/" for ClockworkMod. TWRP users skip this step.

16. Locate and choose "" and select Yes or slide your finger. 

17. Once the installation is done go back and reboot your phone.

18. You now have ClockworkMod or TWRP Recovery installed on your Galaxy Note 3!

To confirm that the root was succesful install an app from the Play Store like Titanium Backup and if you get SuperSU request you are rooted! 


Q: Odin shows a blue box instead of a yellow box.
A: That's fine if it shows a blue or yellow box, the rooting method will still work. 

Q: I am still on stock recovery. In step 13 I don't have the same options you mention. 

A: Looks like ClockworkMod/TWRP Recovery didn't stick. Start over from step 8.

Q: The yellow box doesn't show up. 

A: Make sure you installed Samsung USB drivers (step 4), entered into Download Mode (step 1), and also change the USB port of your cable. 

Credits - SuperSU, ClockworkMod, TWRP

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