Spigen Slim Armor Case Review for the Galaxy S4!

Today we're taking a look at the Spigen Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S4. This is a slim, yet protective case. It consists of a two layer protection. The first layer wraps around the device with a TPU like material to protect the corners, screen, and edges of the device. Then second layer is a hard shell that protects the back of your phone, mainly helping during an incident of a drop. 

With both together they provide a slim yet protective enclosure for your Galaxy S4. I have been using this case about a month and it has stood up to its standards. The case was slim enough to put anywhere I wanted without me feeling like I had a bulky case and it protected my case during the few times I accidently dropped my phone from sholder height to my wood floor. 

One other notiable part about the case was how it protected the camera. With the combination between the TPU and the shell it brought the canera inside the case to protect it from any type of incident (take a look at the pictures down below for a better look).

- Slim
- Protects your device from resonable drop heights
- 2 layer case
- Puts the camera deep into the case, protecting it
- TPU wraps around the screen's border
- Includes Jelly Bean home button covers

- Semi-easy to scratch the shell, even with light use
- Doesn't fully cover the screen
- Semi-uncomfortable when holding it up to your ear

Here are some close up pictures of the case in HD: 

So the question is, should I get this case? The answer is yes, if your a person who drops their phone often or occasionally this is a great case to protect that pricey smartphone, but without ruining the slim phone design. 

You can buy the case here at Gearzap.com, they have tons of accessoires for phone, tablets, computer, etc and they ship worldwide!