How to Install Flash Player on Android Lollipop!

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While more and more sites are starting to use HTML5 instead of Flash Player to display media content there are still a lot of websites that require you to have Flash Player installed on your Android device to access parts of the site. Luckily for us Android Lollipop users we can easily without root install Flash Player on our Android device!

This method on installing Flash Player on Android Lollipop works pretty darn well since I have tried it over the past few days on my Lollipop Nexus 6 and haven't ran into any issues! This method should also work on older Android versions like KitKat and Jellybean, but will definitely work on Lollipop devices! 

Some of you may have heard that Dolphin Browser now natively supports Flash Player, but the method that Dolphin Browser uses to get Flash Player onto your Android device is an older more outdated version of Flash Player. This method will give you better performance and stability since it's based off a more optimized version of Flash Player. Also you cannot use any browser with this Flash Player method, you must use Dolphin Browser since not all browsers support plugins! 

Follow the step-by-step guide below to install Flash Player on Android Lollipop. 

1. Go into Settings > Security > enable "Unknown sources".

2. Download KitKat.Adobe.Flash.Player.11.1.apk to your phone using the download link below. 

I am aware that the file is meant for KitKat, don't worry about this since it works just fine on Lollipop too! 

Download KitKat.Adobe.Flash.Player.11.1.apk

3. In your status bar you should see "KitKat.Adobe.Flash.Player.11.1.apk Download complete". Tap on it and select "Install" > "Done".

4. Now download Dolphin Browser from the Play Store using the download link below. 

Download Dolphin Browser

5. Open up Dolphin Browser and swipe through the setup screen.

6. Tap on the dolphin at the bottom of the screen and navigate to Settings > Web content > Flash player > and select "Always on".

7. You're are done! You have installed Flash Player on Android and setup Dolphin browser to be Flash Player ready!

You can check to see if Flash Player is working properly on your Lollipop device by going to these websites (links below) on your Lollipop device. Remember that you MUST use Dolphin Browser if you're planning on using Flash Player.

Adobe Flash Player - You will see a "F" box jumping around.
UltraSounds - You will see a blue bar going up and down through the text "UltraSounds".

Credits - XDA
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