How to Unroot/Unbrick Galaxy Note 4!

Getting rid of root, a custom ROM, or just want to go back to complete stock on your Note 4 is straight forward with this step-by-step guide. This guide will restore your Galaxy Note 4 back to complete stock just like the day you first bought it. It's even safe enough to send back to the carrier! 

Follow this guide to:

  • Unroot the Galaxy Note 4
  • Unbrick the Galaxy Note 4
  • Restore the Galaxy Note 4 to stock factory settings
This guide will work on every Galaxy Note 4 variant including:
  • T-Mobile SM-N910T Galaxy Note 4
  • Sprint SM-N910P Galaxy Note 4
  • AT&T SM-N910A Galaxy Note 4
  • Verizon SM-N910V Galaxy Note 4
  • Canadian Rogers SM-N910W8 Galaxy Note 4
  • Canadian Bell SM-N910W8 Galaxy Note 4
  • Canadian Telus SM-N910W8 Galaxy Note 4
  • International SM-N910F Galaxy Note 4
  • International SM-N910C Galaxy Note 4
Follow the step-by-step guide below to get started!

1. If your phone is plugged in, unplug it and power off your phone completely. Press and hold the volume down, home center button, and power button all at the same time until you see "Warning!!" on the screen.

2. Press the volume up to continue, you should now see "Downloading...". Plug in your phone via microUSB to your computer

3. Download Odin and the stock firmware using the links below. Remember to download the correct stock firmware for your specific model number!!

Download Odin

Download Stock Firmware for Galaxy Note 4

4. Unzip Odin3v185 and then open up Odin3v185.exe. You should see a box highlighted in yellow in the left part in Odin. If you don't see a yellow box download and install Samsung USB drivers and re-open Odin. 

5. Unzip the stock firmware you downloaded in step 3, in that folder you will see a file that ends in tar.md5.

6. In Odin click on "PDA", then locate and select the tar.md5 file. 

7. Check that only "Auto Reboot" and "PDA" are checked marked! 

8. Click "Start". You can keep track of the progress with the green status bar in Odin and a status bar on your Note 4. It will take around 5-10 minutes. 

9. Once Odin says "PASS!" you can unplug your phone.

10. You will see an Android figure on the Note 4's screen. Wait until you see  "Samsung Galaxy Note 4" and then take out the battery and put it back in. 

11. We're now going to enter into Recovery Mode! Hold the volume up, home center, and power button all at the same time. When you feel a vibration let go of the power button, but keep holding onto the volume up and home button. 

You can navigate in Recovery Mode by using the volume up/down and power button.

12. Select "wipe data/factory reset" and choose "Yes". 

13. Now choose "reboot system now". 

14. Wait until your phone is completely powered on and you're done! You have fully unroot, unbricked, and reset your phone back to complete stock. 


Q: Odin shows a blue box instead of a yellow box that you mentioned on step 4. 
A: That's fine. As long as it shows a blue or yellow box continue to the next step.

Q: The yellow box isn't being show in Odin. 

A: If you haven't already, install the Samsung USB drivers, change the USB ports, and use the original Samsung USB cable that came with the Note 4. If any of those suggestions don't work switch to a different computer. 

Q: Will this reset my flash counter back to 0?
A: Currently there isn't a method to reset the flash counter on the Galaxy Note 4, as soon as a possible method is available I will make a guide for it!
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