Android L Review on Nexus 5 | Features, UI, & More!

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As promised Android L developer preview was released earlier today. This preview is not only great since it helps developers get a head start to making even better apps and improving their already make apps, but it's also nice to taste Android "L". 

Android "L" has made a nice bump in new features and looks compared to the jump from Jellybean to KitKat. A new look, cool transitions, and an all new project. This year the Android team is going to be working on Project Volta which will help improve battery life, as much as 90 minutes. 

If Project Volta is anything like Project Butter then it will be another huge accomplishment for Android. 

Let's go ahead and take a look at some of the new added features, UI, and some other thing that were shown in the latest Android L developer preview! 

A new brown, grey, white, and blue wallpaper is included in the latest Android L. This is the only new wallpaper included.
Navigation Keys:
New look on the navigation keys. Triangle is back, circle is home, and square is recents.
Recents apps are stacked like Google Now cards instead of showing them in a row. I like the change, but might not be the most convenient with a lot of apps open.
Apps (Calculator, Settings, & Dialer):
The Calculator icon is changed and the actual calculator app has changed. Grey buttons and the numbers in the number pad aren't separated. 
Settings has a white background and icons are a blue/green teal.
Dialer has changed color to blue, yellow, and white all throughout the app. Dialer pad has also been changed to a white/blue scheme.
Effects (Pull down/Tap) 
A gray effect when you reach the pull down/up limit. It also moves with your finger, thought that was pretty neat.
When you tap on the new updated apps it creates a circular ripple effect.
Easter Egg:
Is it a Webdriver Torso, it's a simple video quality tester. This is most likely not the finished product by a long shot.
The notifcation shade has changed big time. It's a two part pull down. The first part will show you the notifications, the second part (if you keep pulling down) will show your toggles like WiFi, bluetooth, etc.
A new keyboard that has a very clean look with the grey background and no lines that separate each letter.
Instead of always turning on your phone and then swiping down from the notification shade, all your notifications will be displayed in the center of the lockscreen. Swipe down the on the notification for more details.
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