CyanogenMod ScreenCast Screen Recorder Review & How to Install!

Check out the video below!

CyanogenMod's ScreenCast screen recorder allows you to easily record your screen, sounds from your phone, and your microphone all at the same time. This feature is especially useful for YouTubers who would rather record a video directly from their Android screen and not from a camera. 

ScreenCast app is great when it works because of how smooth the video playback is, even if your swiping across the screen quickly!

However, there are a few issues that I ran into while using the feature. After using ScreenCast I played back the video, but I noticed that the microphones were so sensitive that it picked up the sound of the finger across the screen. 

The CyanogenMod team did a great job of making ScreenCast possible, but there are still a few bugs to be fixed until it's a great app! 

- You MUST be running on a CyanogenMod 11 ROM.
- Some phones like the Galaxy S4 can install the APK, but playback of the recording doesn't work.

How to Install: 

1. Go into Settings > Security > and check mark "Unknown sources".

2. Download CyanogenMod ScreenCast screen recorder APK to your phone using the link below.
Download CyanogenMod ScreenCast Screen Recorder APK

3. Open up the File Manager app on your phone, locate the APK, then tap and install it.

4. You will now have a new app called "Screencast" in your app drawer.

Credits - CyanogenMod 
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