Nexus 4 One Click Toolkit for Mac!

Getting problems with these toolkits? Try the manual methods! Root, ClockworkMod Recovery, and Unroot/Restore to Stock!

Here are some Mac toolkits for all you Mac users. These toolkits will allow you to root, install ClockworkMod Recovery, unroot, unlock bootloader, and lock bootloader. All with a simple click of a button for your Nexus 4!
How Do I Use These Toolkit?
1. Download the toolkit of your choice using the links below.
2. Unzip the file and click on click on the green Android icon. 
3. Enter your phone into bootloader mode: 
First power off your phone and make sure it's unplugged then,press the volume up, volume down, and power button all at the same time. When your phone vibrates let go of the power button, but keep holding onto the volume up and down button. You will now see a green start screen. 
4. Follow directions on the screen. 

Download One-Click Mac Toolkits using the links below:
Updated One-Click Root Toolkit
One-Click Unroot/Restore to 4.4 Kit Kat Stock Toolkit
One-Click ClockworkMod Recovery Toolkit
One-Click Unlock Bootloader Toolkit
One-Click Lock Bootloader Toolkit

Older Toolkits:
One-Click Unroot/Restore to 4.3 Stock Toolkit
One-Click Unroot/Restore to 4.2.2 Stock Toolkit
One-Click Unroot/Restore to 4.2.1 Stock Toolkit

Change Log:
December 12th 2012:
Initial Release
April 27th 2013:
Updated ALL toolkits with the latest version of fastboot and ADB
Added Unroot/Stock 4.2.2 for Nexus 4
July 28th 2013:
Fixed SuperSU transfer in the One-Click Root toolkit
Updated One-Click Root toolkit for Nexus 4 to support 4.3
Added One-click Unroot/Restore to 4.3 toolkit for Nexus 4

November 18th 2013:
Added Unroot/Restore to 4.4 Kit Kat Stock Toolkit
November 21st 2013:
Removed ADB push from root toolkit - caused too many problems
Updated Unroot/Restore to 4.4 Kit Kat Stock Toolkit to KRT16S
Updated Root Toolkit to support Android Kit Kat
Updated ClockworkMod Recovery Toolkit to support Android Kit Kat

Q: When I launch the toolkit it says "No such file or directory".
A: Completely close Terminal, change the name the of folder, and then relaunch the toolkit.

Q: I tried changing the file name, but it still doesn't work, what should I do?
A: You can try using it on another computer or use the manual method located at the top of the article.

Credits - XDA

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