How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3! [No Computer] [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon]

This guide do NOT require a computer at all! So technically this guide is also compatible with a Windows, Mac, and Linux computer. 

This will remove EVERYTHING on your internal SD card so back up all your contacts, apps, music, ect if they are on your internal SD card! 

What will unrooting my Samsung Galaxy S3 do to my phone? If you follow this process step by step it will completely restore your phone back to 100% complete stock, just like the day you bought your phone. It's also safe enough to send back to Samsung without Samsung knowing you ever installed ClockworkMod Recovery or rooted your phone. 

1. Download Triangle Away app directly onto your phone: here or get the donated version from the Google Play Store.

2. Locate where you downloaded the Triangle Away apk and install it. 
Note: If you get a security issue make sure you have "Unknown Sources" checked marked under security in settings. 

3. Tap on "Reset flash counter".

4. Next, download and install Odin Mobile app from, here or get the donated version from the Google Play Store.
Note: If you download the free version you may have to install an add on from the XDA forum.

5. Download / Transfer one of the zip files to your phone from the links below. 

Download:                                      .T-Mobile SGH-T999 Galaxy S3 
AT&T SGH-I747 Galaxy S3 SGH-I747
Verizon SCH-I535 Galaxy S3

6. Open Mobile Odin app.

7. Select "Open file...". 

8. Find the zip file you downloaded / transfered to your phone. 

9. Select the zip file and choose "extract", this process will take about 10 minutes to extract the zip file. 

10. Once it has finished extracting select "Open file..." and find the folder that was extracted. Open the folder and select the md5.tar file. 

11. Make sure "EverRoot" is disabled. 

12. Check mark "Wipe data and cache" and "Wipe Dalvik Cache".

13. Select "Flash firmware" and select "check md5". 

14. If your phone is on low battery or if your unsure of the battery level, charge your phone!

15. Your phone will reboot and it will flash all the stock img files. 

16. It will boot your into stock recovery. Select "Wipe Cache". 

17. Then, select "wipe data/factory rest" and select "yes". 

18. Select "reboot system now". and your done! Your phone is on 100% stock and unrooted. 

Credits - 
Mobile Odin
Triangle Away 

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