Top 5 Best Root Apps for Android!

Your phone must be rooted before using any root apps!
Root T989 - Here
Galaxy Nexus - Windows
Galaxy Nexus - Mac
All other phones please search on XDA

Now lets get the best roots apps!

1. Titanium Backup Root / Pro (Free / $6.58)

Titanium Backup lets you backup all your games, games data, and any other application data. This is the ultimate app that lets you

backup all your important information and saves it on your external SD card.

Very useful app to have if you want to have piece of mind with your phone's information and if you just like to flash a lot of roms.

Link to App: Here

--> 2. AdFree Android (Free)

Gettings tired of seeing all those ads on your Android? The ones that always pop up on the free apps and on websites? Well this app is very useful to help get rid of those ads and the best part is that it is free! Just install it tap a few buttons and all your ads are gone from your browser and apps!

Link to App: Here

3. Root Explorer ( $3.99)

This app is great to use if you want to mange all your files even the restricted ones. This file manager will allow you to have root access to all your system files. I only recommend it for people who are experienced with managing important files! It also includes a lot of features many other files mangers don't like create or extract zip, text editor, extract rar archives, and many more! Check out all the features in the link below. 

Link to App: Here

4. SetCPU for Root Users ($1.99)

This is a must have app if you want to overclock or underclock your phone. This app lets you choose the limit of CPU your phone can use. It will let you make your phone super speedy or help your save battery. The power is in your hands. You can also customize on the limit, when you it want it to be a certain limit. I use this all the time when I am running on low battery or when I have no patience.

Link to App: Here

--> 5. ROM Manager (Free)

This is an amazing app to backup and restore roms, enter clockworkmod recovery, flash a new rom, and so much more! This app is a much have if you are in any way involved in roms. This app makes dealing with new roms much easier and safer. Click on the link below to get this app.

Link to App: Here

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