How To Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 T-Mobile! [Windows]

Many people feel that when you brick your phone you cannot fix it. Fortunately, that is not the truth at all, unbricking you phone is very easy to do and will only take about 10 minutes total. Bricking can happen several ways that all happen without the user's fault. Bricking can happen just by the way the core system properties are setup. When you flash or do something similar to do that it might mess with the core system properties and could result you in bricking your phone. No one actually knows how to prevent bricking because it is very random and is different for each person's phone. But, there has been reports that bricked phones are more likely to happen on some phones than others.

This will delete EVERYTHING on your internal memory. NOT external SD card. 

1. Download the driver for your Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 phone. To do this just download Samsung Kies to get the drivers. (Skip step if you already have Samsung Kies)

2. Download and unzip the unbrick file

--> Download
3. Open Odin

4. Plug your phone into your computer and turn your phone off.

5. Enter Recovery Mode:Hold down volume up ,down,and power button all together. When you feel a vibration let go of the power button but keep holding onto the volume up and down button. Keep holding it until you get to a yellow triangle warning sign. 

6. Press the up button after you see the yellow triangle shaped warning sign.

7.Set your phone aside and in the Odin application click on PDA and open the file recovery-cmw-hercules.tar (this was included with the "" file).

8. Click start and wait for about 2-5 minutes until the phone finished rebooting

9. When you see the setup screen on your phone just wait 10 minutes, reboot, and start start using your phone.

10. Turn on your phone and you should be at your lockscreen! Congratulations you just unbricked your Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 phone in about 10 minutes!
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