How to Unroot Nexus 5! - Complete Stock [Windows/Mac/Linux/Ubuntu]

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Here's a complete guide to show you how to unroot/unbrick the Nexus 5 and restore it to complete stock, like the day you first bought it on your Windows, Mac, and Linux/Ubuntu computer. This will also remove a bootloop from your Nexus 5 if you have one!

This method will remove any sign of root, restore you to stock ROM, and even lock the bootloader. Once you finish the tutorial your Nexus 5 will be safe enough to send back to Google/carrier removing any sign you modified the Nexus 5.

This will remove all data from your phone, BACK IT UP!

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide Below to Unroot the Nexus 5!

1. Power off your phone

2. Enter your phone into Bootloader Mode. Press the volume up, volume down, and power button all at the same time. When your phone vibrates let go of the power button, but keep holding onto the volume up and down button. 

3. Plug in your phone via microUSB.

4. Download anextract using the link below.


5. Move the folder to your desktop. 

Skip step 6 if your on Mac/Linux/Ubuntu

6. On your computer open up "Device Manager" and if you see "Android Device" with a yellow triangle next to it install the drivers that are included in

If you see "Bootloader Interface" move to step 7.

7. Open up Command Prompt for Windows or Terminal for Mac/Linux/Ubuntu and type (press enter after each line): 


cd Desktop
cd UnrootNexus5
fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-HHZ11d.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot flash radio radio-hammerhead-M8974A-
fastboot reboot-bootloader
fastboot -w update


cd Desktop
cd UnrootNexus5
./fastboot-mac flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-HHZ11d.img
./fastboot-mac reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-mac flash radio radio-hammerhead-M8974A-
./fastboot-mac reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-mac -w update


cd Desktop
cd UnrootNexus5
./fastboot-linux flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-HHZ11d.img
./fastboot-linux reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-linux flash radio radio-hammerhead-M8974A-
./fastboot-linux reboot-bootloader
./fastboot-linux -w update

8. After that process your phone will automatically reboot, but it might get stuck on the "X" boot animation. 

Follows steps 9-12 if your stuck on a bootloop. If your NOT then skip to step 15.

9. Unplug your phone and keep holding the power button until your phone turns off. Right after, press the volume up, volume down, and power button all at the same time. When your phone vibrates let go of the power button, but keep holding onto the volume up and down button. 

10. Press the volume up 2x (twice) and power button to enter into stock Recovery. 

11. You will now see an Android laying down, with a red triangle. Press the volume up, down, and power buttons at the same time 5 times in a row.

12. You will now see stock recovery options, select "wipe data/factory reset" and choose "yes". 

13. Go down to "wipe cache partition" and select "yes".

14. Choose "reboot system now". 

15. Your phone will now boot up and you are unrooted. But, if you are planning on sending your phone back to Google we need to lock the Bootloader. 

16. Enter back into Bootloader Mode. Repeat steps 1-3.

17. Go back to Command Prompt or Terminal and type: 

For Windows:
fastboot oem lock

For Mac:

./fastboot-mac oem lock

For Linux/Ubuntu:

./fastboot-linux oem lock

18. Now your bootloader is locked and safe to send back to Google. Just press the power button to boot your phone back into normal phone state. 

Q: I'm stuck on the boot animation screen.
A: Repeat steps 9-12

Q: After I complete the entire process can I send my phone back to my carrier/manufacture without them knowing I modified my phone in any way?
A: Absolutely, after you complete guide your phone will be the same as the first day you bought it!
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